About me

Hi there! I’m a newbie blogger and this is my blog. I live in Italy and I like Coke.

(just to explain: I wrote that I like Coke because I copied a tutorial example about blogging. Since I’m autodidact I always need to understand how it works and I start from copying the examples).

Actually I’m working at IBM as Client Technical Architect designing IT infrastructures. I’m Linux addicted but I was also an OS/2 user & supporter. I really like write programs but the time that I can spent on this activity is less and less.

I’ve started my computer passion when I was 12 years old with a Commodore C64. I was immediately intrigued by the BASIC language and I started immediately to write down my first program called “Hello world” copying the manual example. I lost two days without sleeping since a typo error in the manual (they forgot the ” symbol at the end of the statement) but when I realized and fixed the error I was the happiest boy on the heart.

This blog is intended to help me, so I willl write to feel good, hoping that my words can be useful also for you.

My soccer team is Juventus and I’m a proud Ferrari fan.

If you want to reach me, you can send an email to mario at mariosebastiani dot info

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