Is the cloud service forever?

In & OutAt the end you are convinced and have purchased space in the cloud where synchronize your documents. After a thorough investigation of the market you have identified the service you guaranteed the best price / performance / security. Have you started using it, and the satisfaction you have found out that it was just the service that was for you. Beautiful, Functional. Secure.

A beautiful summer day, while you were busy fighting the unbearable heat, you get an email that announces from that day on your beautiful cloud service is closed. Farewell comfort.

It ‘happened to me and the provider of this service it was not a little unknown provider but a well-known brand technology related to the production of hard drives. It happens so that even a supplier, unanimously recognized reliable, decides to discontinue service.

What to do? We have to start the process and search for a new service, analyze, evaluate and compare, buy and use. The frequency with which you will henceforth confront this “carousel” is significantly higher than in the past, because of the nature of the services in the Cloud: you can create and destroy in seconds, either voluntarily (I decide to change provider, maybe because I found one cheaper) that involuntarily (the provider does not offer me more that service).

From this observation comes a parameter that should always be kept in mind when planning to use cloud services: include in the evaluation migration phase, because sooner or later happen.


Unfortunately not always the passage from one service to another is simple, we must carefully study a strategy to that effect. Of course if you have a backup of the anguish of having to deal with such situations it becomes lighter, but that’s another story that sooner or later I’ll talk.


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