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With at least a couple of dear colleagues I share an existential drama: we often move between different clients, sometimes several times in one day. The tragedy lies in having to remember, maybe after a few days, all movements to reconstruct a realistic request for reimbursement of costs incurred.
So far I have made use of a “vintage” tool: a nice little black book of paper where, almost meticulously, at the end of the day I recorded times and places of work. The other, much more technology than I, had developed spreadsheets and ad-hoc; none of these solutions, however, had impressed me.

You know by now of my total commitment to the discipline of applied laziness, then also take your calendar and write in my own hand where I was that day, it starts to become a task to be delegated to some devilry of automation technology.

In the end I found it, as simple and without creativity as must be things to be delegated to machines. I found my personal assistant for the daily positions in an app-shaped button to press when I get to a place. In the weekend it will be sent a nice report with all times and places (with a map !!) of my movements. Cool, isn’t it?

How do you get this magic technology solution? It ‘s simple: just go to the site, register, and use one of the ready “recipes” for the “Do button”. In particular I used the recipe “Keep track of where you were this week”. Then I installed the app from the Google Play Store (cfr. … et voila, you’re done. Now I just need someone to remind me to push the button when I get to a customer ….

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